Most people carefully organise and prepare their heritage driven by the question: What will happen to all our stuff, our money, our home, when we are no more?

Despite all that effort, it is easy to forget the ever-growing digital heritage that every modern person creates during his or her life. Many people are not really aware of the huge amount of personal data they produce and gather just by using their computer or smartphone. Which role will this “digital legacy” play in our future and how should we care for it?

The main tool of “Digecy” is an “estate calculator” which visualizes the amount of data that the user produces during his whole life. An animation shows the growth of this digital footprint. Furthermore, the website provides information to digital heritage and how to manage it.

The goal is to raise attention to everybody’s digital legacy and to make people think about how much they should care about and manage the trace they leave on the internet.

Try “Digecy” yourself: digecy.tgroh.de